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Although the main focus of my work is IT, I am also engaged in artistic pursuits, in particular, illustration and graphics. I have worked within the graphics industry for many years as an illustrator and designer, which not surprisingly, is how I got involved with Apple computers.

I produce work in a variety of styles, from cartoons to technical illustrations. I use both traditional and digital mediums in my work and it is not uncommon for a polished digital image to have started as a scanned pencil sketch. Wearing my designer's hat I can produce anything from a party flyer to a Google optimised web site.

Ideally, I am searching for projects to which I feel properly suited, or where I genuinely feel I can make a positive contribution. If you like my work and feel that I could provide the particular something you need to embellish your project, I would be happy to hear from you.

Below are links to some galleries of work which hopefully demonstrate my ability and style.


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