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Planet Angel Club Flyers by Charlie de Montagnac

Planet Angel PalogoIn the summer of 2001, a chance meeting with an old friend landed me in an extraordinary night-club located in a run down railway arch in Camberwell, South London. For myself and my wife, it was the first time we truly felt at home in a such a place, and very quickly "Planet Angel" became a regular haunt for us. After a short time I had made the acquaintance of some of the club's DJs, and it was one of these guys, who after realising my involvement with graphics, asked if I'd be interested in producing flyers for the club. During three years I produced twenty-six original images for Planet Angel. The reason for the use of a lego man in some of the images is because Planet Angel provided buckets of little bricks for revellers to play with when they were cooling off from hours of dancing.