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Compatibility between Operating Systems

Switching to Mac from Windows or adding a Mac to and existing Windows setup

More and more Windows users are interested in exploring the possibilities of Apple's for their work place. If not switching to Macs entirely, many people want to include them alongside an existing array of Windows PCs. Prospective Mac users are frequently worried they'll have problems successfully networking Windows with Macs. It would be deeply frustrating if the new work horse turned out to be merely an expensive ornament.

We've been working comfortably with PCs through Windows95 up to the present. We can attest to the ability of Macs to cope easily within a multi-platform set up. File sharing and compatibility between the two operating systems is often clouded in mystery but we promise to blow away the fog and bring harmony and understanding to your network. Please contact deMont if you would like independent advice or help networking Microsoft and Apple products, the right information can save you time and money.

Linux is a Free/Open Source Operating System which will run as an alternative to Windows or OSX on PC or Macs. Linux is powerful and can be extremely cost effective for companies who would rather not pay multiple software licences to Microsoft and Apple. Please check the GNU/Linux link on the navigation bar if you want more information regarding this alternative. Linux and Macs share a surprising amount in common.

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