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Troubleshooting Attached Devices

Connection Types

We can assist with connecting any device to your Mac, be it a printer, scanner, tablet or whatever.

For the most part, we rarely experience connection problems with our peripherals - they usually work fine straight out of the box. Nevertheless, in our imperfect world, things do, and will, go wrong. Sometimes, despite a manufacturer's best attempt to provide a silky smooth installation experience, instead you are left tearing your hair out. Increasingly complicated devices such as 'all in one' printer/scanner/copier/fax machines, which of course must connect wirelessly, are the norm. Wonderful machines we all agree but often the devil to set up, especially in an office shared by multiple PCs and Macs.

If you've reached your wit's end with the user instruction manual and time isn't on your side, we can very possibly help.

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