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Links To Some Useful Services

Below is a list of websites that provide services I frequently use and hope might be of use to other people needing tech services. I hope this list will grow over time as I discover more websites providing such useful information.

iFixit Logo "i fix it" An extraordinary project set up to provide help manuals for as many electronic devices (especially Macs) as can be collected. An obscene amount of e-waste is discarded in the West every year, often illegally shipped to developing nations to be recycled using inefficient and dangerous methods. The volume of worldwide e-waste could be drastically reduced if owners of faulty equipment could only fix what may be minor problems. Extend the life of your Mac and other electronic equipment by following beautifully produced step-by-step guides. One of my favourite and most used tech sites.

The Safe Mac If you're worried about Virus and Trojan problems on your Mac and would like some good advice and information, I heartily recommend taking time to read the pages on this site. Thomas Reed has been following the life-spans and activities of various malware applications, such as 'MacKeeper' and 'Flashback' and his observations are beneficial to all Mac users. He is also the author of "Adware Medic", an extremely useful application for anybody who is plagued by browser search engine hi-jackers.

Secrets for Mac OSX Simply put, a database of hidden settings for Mac OS X users. This website provides a means for Mac users to gain greater control over their computers than they have when first delivered by Apple. It is a good idea to understand a little about what you're doing before diving into this. Remember, great power comes with great responsibility. Download the "Preference Pane" to get started.

What's My IP Address? An extremely useful site if you want to understand more about how you're connected to the Internet and what can be seen about YOU from the other side of your modem.

Ookla Speed Test If you're worried about your broadband speed try Ookla but mind not to get confused and click on the Mackeeper link, which will just divert you to their website before you know what. Alternatively you might like to check your speed with this lot.

Old Apps Say you need to re-commission an old computer, for example a Mac PPC G4 or G5. You are about to discover that many modern versions of popular software will not run on it. Fortunately "Old Apps" have been busy on your behalf collecting all those earlier versions, no longer downloadable from the actual developers website. An absolute gem of a site.

IT Green If you find yourself wondering how best to dispose of old electronic equipment with the least environmental impact, this is a great starting point. Data destruction, computer recycling, old cabling, you name it, all the information you need is here.

Links listed below this line are personal recommendations of companies local to my neighbourhood. We have been impressed by the exceptional service provided by these companies who help keep our business up and running and would like others to enjoy their benefits too.

The London Gasworks I was so impressed with this company I cancelled my annual boiler service contract with British Gas. These guys could not be keener to make sure the customer is completely satisfied and fully understanding of all works carried out. What they don't know about central heating I'm sure is not worth knowing. Winter evenings in my home have never been warmer!

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